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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Human Embryonic Kidney(293T) Cells: Control vs. Transfected

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Non structural protein of avian influenza A (H11N1) virus is a weaker suppressor of immune responses but capable of inducing apoptosis in host cells.

Mukherjee Sanjay S   Majumdar Shamik S   Vipat Veena C VC   Mishra Akhilesh C AC   Chakrabarti Alok K AK  

Virology journal 20120806

BACKGROUND: The Non-Structural (NS1) protein of Influenza A viruses is an extensively studied multifunctional protein which is commonly considered as key viral component to fight against host immune responses. Even though there has been a lot of studies on the involvement of NS1 protein in host immune responses there are still ambiguities regarding its role in apoptosis in infected cells. Interactions of NS1 protein with host factors, role of NS1 protein in regulating cellular responses and apop  ...[more]

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