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ABSTRACT: Genome-wide analysis of liver in male and female mice



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Sexually dimorphic genome-wide binding of retinoid X receptor alpha (RXRα) determines male-female differences in the expression of hepatic lipid processing genes in mice.

Kosters Astrid A   Sun Deqiang D   Wu Hao H   Tian Feng F   Felix Julio C JC   Li Wei W   Karpen Saul J SJ  

PloS one 20130819 8

Many hepatic functions including lipid metabolism, drug metabolism, and inflammatory responses are regulated in a sex-specific manner due to distinct patterns of hepatic gene expression between males and females. Regulation for the majority of these genes is under control of Nuclear Receptors (NRs). Retinoid X Receptor alpha (RXRα) is an obligate partner for multiple NRs and considered a master regulator of hepatic gene expression, yet the full extent of RXRα chromatin binding in male and female  ...[more]

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