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High Plains wheat mosaic emaravirus isolate:QL

ABSTRACT: Ralstonia Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): High Plains wheat mosaic emaravirus  



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An eriophyid mite-transmitted plant virus contains eight genomic RNA segments with unusual heterogeneity in the nucleocapsid protein.

Tatineni Satyanarayana S   McMechan Anthony J AJ   Wosula Everlyne N EN   Wegulo Stephen N SN   Graybosch Robert A RA   French Roy R   Hein Gary L GL  

Journal of virology 20140806 20

Eriophyid mite-transmitted, multipartite, negative-sense RNA plant viruses with membrane-bound spherical virions are classified in the genus Emaravirus. We report here that the eriophyid mite-transmitted Wheat mosaic virus (WMoV), an Emaravirus, contains eight genomic RNA segments, the most in a known negative-sense RNA plant virus. Remarkably, two RNA 3 consensus sequences, encoding the nucleocapsid protein, were found with 12.5% sequence divergence, while no heterogeneity was observed in the c  ...[more]

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