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Zea mays

ABSTRACT: Carbon starvation along the maize leaf gradient

ORGANISM(S): Zea mays  



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The Interplay between Carbon Availability and Growth in Different Zones of the Growing Maize Leaf.

Czedik-Eysenberg Angelika A   Arrivault Stéphanie S   Lohse Marc A MA   Feil Regina R   Krohn Nicole N   Encke Beatrice B   Nunes-Nesi Adriano A   Fernie Alisdair R AR   Lunn John E JE   Sulpice Ronan R   Stitt Mark M  

Plant physiology 20160831 2

Plants assimilate carbon in their photosynthetic tissues in the light. However, carbon is required during the night and in nonphotosynthetic organs. It is therefore essential that plants manage their carbon resources spatially and temporally and coordinate growth with carbon availability. In growing maize (Zea mays) leaf blades, a defined developmental gradient facilitates analyses in the cell division, elongation, and mature zones. We investigated the responses of the metabolome and transcripto  ...[more]

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