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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Gene regulatory networks along the small intestinal crypt-villus axis

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Metabolome, transcriptome, and bioinformatic cis-element analyses point to HNF-4 as a central regulator of gene expression during enterocyte differentiation.

Stegmann Anders A   Hansen Morten M   Wang Yulan Y   Larsen Janus B JB   Lund Leif R LR   Ritié Léa L   Nicholson Jeremy K JK   Quistorff Bjørn B   Simon-Assmann Patricia P   Troelsen Jesper T JT   Olsen Jørgen J  

Physiological genomics 20060725 2

DNA-binding transcription factors bind to promoters that carry their binding sites. Transcription factors therefore function as nodes in gene regulatory networks. In the present work we used a bioinformatic approach to search for transcription factors that might function as nodes in gene regulatory networks during the differentiation of the small intestinal epithelial cell. In addition we have searched for connections between transcription factors and the villus metabolome. Transcriptome data we  ...[more]

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