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Appropriate neural initiation of the pluripotent stem cells in the early embryos is critical for the development of the central nervous system. This process is regulated by the coordination of extrins...
ORGANISM(S):Mus musculus 
2015-11-28 | E-GEOD-69778 | ArrayExpress
Erythropoiesis is dependent on the activity of transcription factors, including the erythroid-specific erythroid Kruppel-like factor (EKLF). ChIP followed by massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-Seq) i...
ORGANISM(S):Mus musculus 
2014-05-03 | E-GEOD-48020 | ArrayExpress
In order to dissect the gene regulatory network during the functional transition of cotyledons from non-photosynthetic storage tissue to metabolically active photosynthetic tissue, we constructed ChIP...
ORGANISM(S):Glycine max 
2014-05-03 | E-GEOD-42422 | ArrayExpress
Mouse hair follicles undergo synchronized cycles. Cyclical regeneration and hair growth is fueled by hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs). We used RNA-seq to identify SOX9-dependent transcriptional change...
ORGANISM(S):Mus musculus 
2014-04-15 | E-GEOD-54424 | ArrayExpress
Global ChIP-seq Normalization Reveals Epigenome Modulations
Motivation: Detection of changes in DNA-protein interactions from ChIP-seq data is a crucial step in unraveling the regulatory networks behind biological processes. The simplest variation of this prob...
ORGANISM(S):Mus musculus 
2015-03-21 | E-GEOD-57563 | ArrayExpress
genome-wide analysis of replication timing by repli-chip and repli-seq
Parallel-factor ER ChIP-seq of Breast Cancer PDX Material
ORGANISM(S):Homo sapiens 
Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR) RNA-guided nucleases have gathered considerable excitement as a tool for genome engineering. However, questions remain about the speci...
2015-03-12 | E-GEOD-61099 | ArrayExpress
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum-sensing (QS) systems contribute to bacterial homeostasis and pathogenicity. Although many regulators have been characterized to control the production of virulence fa...
ORGANISM(S):Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
2015-08-19 | E-GEOD-65356 | ArrayExpress
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