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The proteins of the cellular plasma membrane perform important functions relating to homeostasis and intercellular communication. Due to its overall low cellular abundance, amphipathic character, and ...
ORGANISM(S):Homo sapiens 
2017-01-31 | PXD004801 | Pride
Prefrontal cortex tissue slices from a cognitively and neurpathologically normal human subject were obtained from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Brain Bank. 300-350 mg grey matter was homogeni...
ORGANISM(S):Homo sapiens 
2012-12-10 | PXD000004 | Pride
Viral DNA genomes replicating in cells encounter a myriad of host factors that facilitate or hinder viral replication. Viral proteins expressed early during infection modulate host factors interacting...
ORGANISM(S):Herpesvirales Human adenovirus 5 Homo sapiens Vaccinia virus WR 
2017-10-04 | PXD007741 | Pride
Expression data of Normal versus Mutant MPS VII Bl6 mouse
ORGANISM(S):Mus musculus 
Human postmortem frontal cortex proteome
ORGANISM(S):Homo sapiens 
2012-12-31 | PAe005153 | PeptideAtlas
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