ArrayExpressapplication/xml T FernandesAnna TomasJoaquim SegalesArmand SanchezAnna TomasSus Scrofatranscription profiling by array Protocol - Whole blood samples were collected at 0, 7, 14, 21 and 29 days post-inoculation in EDTA tubes. Samples were immediately lysed with nucleic acid purification lysis solution (Applied Biosystems, Warrington, UK) and frozen at -80ÂșC until usage Sample Processing - Seven-day-old caesarean-derived, colostrum-deprived piglets were distributed into two groups: control (n=4) and inoculated with 105.2 TCID50 of the Burgos PCV2 isolate (n=4). Pigs were bled at 0, 7, 14, 21, and 29 days post-inoculation. Hybridization - Following fragmentation, 10 ug of cRNA were hybridized on GeneChip Porcine Genome Array. GeneChips were washed and stained in the Affymetrix Fluidics Station 450. Labeling - Biotinylated cRNA were prepared according to the standard Affymetrix protocol from 6 ug total RNA (One-Cycle Target Labeling kit, Expression Analysis Technical Manual, 2001, Affymetrix). Nucleic Acid Extraction - Total RNA was extracted with the RiboPure kit (Ambion Cat #1924) according to the manufacturer's instructions.Assay Data Transformation - ID_REF = <br>VALUE = RMA signal intensity Feature Extraction - The data were analyzed with the Data Mining Tool (DMT) from Affymetrix. RMA was used as normalization method. Image Adquisition - Chips were scanned using the Genechip Scanner 3000310Derived, PREP, AFTER, determination, fond, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, Nurse Anesthesiologist, REMOVAL, Cs-1, Xkl-1, CycEI, lysis, (ethylenedinitrilo)tetraacetic acid, CG11121, Hog, KL receptor activity, old, Gsfsco1, Ccne, domestic cat, Mammals, Mathematical Derivation, Sus, SCO5, 2, MADAGASCAR, SCO1, 2', Gsfsow3, Gsfsco5, 2210418N07, bacterial catalase-peroxidase activity, Facility Handbook, Edetic acid, SOW3, gene expression, Set Up, 2-diyldinitrilo)tetraacetate, Targeting, Suidae, DAYS, ion(4-), reference sample, Genomes, Madagascar, CT21282, N, User Manual, Colostrums, Days, W, SO, TISSUE CULTURE INFECTIOUS DOSE 50%, Lab Manual, d, haem catalase activity, acidos nucleicos, Subsequent, sample, swine, DERIVED, Hogs, Bs, STAT, CG3973, EXTRACTING, autolysin activity, necrosis, (ethane-1, After, days, Sl, [TCID_50], So, acidum edeticum, CRNA, Lab Manl, TARGET, AI315345, catalase-peroxidase activity, ethylenediaminetetraacetate, equilase activity, Wart, Apply, Phacochoerus, Followed By, total RNA extract, 50 Percent Tissue Culture Infective Dose, Index, Hybridization, pigs, 2'', Tr-kit, {[-(BIS-CARBOXYMETHYL-AMINO)-ETHYL]-CARBOXYMETHYL-AMINO}-ACETIC ACID, Derived Flag, NUCLEIC ACID HYBRIDIZATION,, br37, Cyc E, Stained, Collected, Setup, AI195249, Extracted, A330009E03Rik, Gene Expression, PBT, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, catalase reaction, BG:DS07108.3, nucleic acids, kl1-A, bacteriocin activity, statim, Wart Hogs, KIT, Isolate, l(2)05206, GAT, ACGNAT, Immediately, tyrosine-protein kinase Kit, Acid, pbt, SEVEN-DAY, DmelCG3973, Derivation, Nurse Anesthetist, Status Post, TCID50, Processing, hydrogen-peroxide:hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase activity, whole genome, kit, N'-1, Prepare, study protocol, Felis silvestris catus, MANUAL, Nucleic, Pigs, Extracted Lead, Post, lysin activity, l35Dd, Expressed, Gm689, bacteriolytic toxin activity, Tissue Culture Infectious Dose 50%, microarray, Acids, DROCATHPO, U00145, bs36h11.y1, krk1, Warthogs, Cas1, Carnitine acetylase, cycline, Manual, DmcyclinE, Wart Hog, SCF receptor activity, cycE, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, l(2)br37, EDTA tetraanion, CYCLE, cdi7, CrAT, method, acides nucleiques, Collected Value, cyclinE, manganese catalase activity, scfr, DmelCG11121, Instructions, Laboratory Sample Manual, Acide ethylenediaminetetracetique, method used in an experiment, Station, Cdi7, CDI7, wild boar, caperase activity, Next, SCFR, acide edetique, Application, portion of blood, Fdc, somda, 2'''-(ethane-1, CYCE, 2-Ethane diylbis-(N-(carboxymethyl)glycine), ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid tetraanion, DmelCG3938, scattered, ISOLATE, CyclE, Inoculation, Target, 3938, CatA, CATA, labeling, DmcycE, Solution, l(2)k05007, Usage, edta, DmelCG6871, 2-diyldinitrilo)tetraacetic acid, dm-cycE, Use, COLLECTING, {TCID50}, Following, Catl, Organism Isolate, EDTA, boars, Pig, Instruction., cats, Expression, Preparation, Post Device, Day, DAY, Controlled, Drl, 50% Tissue Culture Infective Dose, proto-oncogene c-Kit, Controlling, Molecular Biology, DMCATHPO, Porcine Species, target_lesion, Target Lesion Identification, whole blood, heme catalase activity, diffuse, acide nucleique, vertebrate blood, pig, MDG, Targeted, tissue culture infection dose 50, BC058979, Sus scrofus, MG, Extraction, Carnitine acetyltransferase, day, acido edetico, Collecting, Mdu, Nucleic Acid Hybridization, Affymetrix, l(2)k02514, DmCycE, DRVFL, mda, KIT ligand receptor activity, Nucleic Acid, Applied, Felis domesticus, chemical analysis, Facility Manual, NA, CyeE, CAT, Collection, ami, XKrk1, CS1, optidase activity, Molecular Hybridization, Destination, c-KIT, Cas-1, EXTRACTED, holin, l(2)k02602, Nukleinsaeure, Prepared, Inoculate, Stained Appearance, med, 450, H4edta, l(2)35Dd, Trailing, CG6871, acido nucleico, cat, CD117, sample population, Gm393, Derived Value, plan specification, D-CycE, c-kit, Immediate, porcine, C-Kit, Cat01, Ssm, Nukleinsaeuren, target lesion, Processing Technique, DER, xkl-1, Microbial Isolate, edetic acid, assay, CG3938, Organism by Isolate, ethylenediaminetetraacetate tetraanion, Seven-Day Reportmeasuring, data, Procedures, DmelCG10360, Ref(2)P, ALY, CDDP/CTX/HMM/MNI, Mining, ref, IMAGE, ref(2)p, Normalized, Analytical, scanner, Procedure, feature_extraction, Tool, any method, Ref2P, ref2p, Affymetrix, Techniques, method, ref(2)Po2, Altretamine/Cisplatin/Cyclophosphamide/Misonidazole, CG8374, Method, Ref(2)p, analysis, p62, THOC4, method used in an experiment, Studies, Analysis, Value, Technique, s048103, ALY|REF, Scanner, Scientific Equipment, 0481/03, Scanner Device., ANALYSIS, anon-WO0118547.317, EPB49, ALY/REF, Registered Medical Assistant, CHIPS, Methodological, Normalization, Scanner Device Component, study assay, Methodological Study, value, plan specification, Normalize, Study, BEF, data analysis, data processing, RMA, Methodological Studies, Data, Text, DMT, Dmt, scientific observation, Text Mining, REF, Analyzed, Equipment, CG10360, DmelCG8374, Normative, ref(2)Pnportion of blood, Gene Expression, Porcine circovirus type 2, Porcine circovirus Type II., data, Expression, Porcine circovirus-2, Expressed, whole blood, vertebrate blood, gene expressionWarthogs, Derived, Product, AFTER, therapeutic_agents, Effects, Different, Wart Hog, Gene, Long Term, CG11121, Agent, Hog, period, old, DmelCG11121, Mathematical Derivation, Porcine circovirus type 2, StudyAgent, wild boar, study treatment, Effect, study, Suidae, {Course}, Investigational Therapy or Treatment, somda, Gene Expressions, DAYS, reference sample, Longterm, therapeutic agents, Pharmaceutical Agent, scattered, ISOLATE, AGENT, Inoculation, Colostrums, Days, Long-Term, course, Expressions, SO, Drug Substance, TISSUE CULTURE INFECTIOUS DOSE 50%, d, {TCID50}, Porcine circovirus Type II, Organism Isolate, boars, swine, Hogs, DERIVED, CG3973, Study Agent, Long-Term Effect, Expression, After, days, Long-Term Effects, Post Device, [TCID_50], So, Day, DAY, Controlled, Pharmaceuticals, Drl, 50% Tissue Culture Infective Dose, DRUG, agent, Controlling, keywords, Wart, Phacochoerus, Protocol Treatment Course, 50 Percent Tissue Culture Infective Dose, Difference, diffuse, Essential, drug, pig, pigs, Longterm Effect, BC058979, tissue culture infection dose 50, Derived Flag, TRT, Sus scrofus, Course, day, Mdu, Pharmacologic Agent, DRVFL, mda, Long Term Effects, Pharmacologic Substance, Conflict, Wart Hogs, Isolate, Protocol Agent, ami, DmelCG3973, SEVEN-DAY, Inoculate., Derivation, Inoculate, Status Post, TCID50, med, COURSE, Pharmacological Substance, Porcine circovirus-2, Trailing, GDC Therapeutic Agent Terminology, study agent, Gm393, Longterm Effects, Derived Value, Drug, Pigs, Differential, Post, Gm689, DER, Tissue Culture Infectious Dose 50%, Microbial Isolate, time, Organism by Isolate, Seven-Day Report0. data from blood samples of piglets experimentally infected with porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2)This study aimed to characterize differences in gene expression in piglets inoculated with porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), the essential causative agent of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS). Comparisons between control and PCV2-inoculated pigs were done at five different time points: 0, 7, 14, 21 and 29 days post-inoculation. Keywords: time course Seven-day-old caesarean-derived, colostrum-deprived piglets were distributed into two groups: control (n=4) and inoculated with 105.2 TCID50 of the Burgos PCV2 isolate (n=4). Pigs were bled at 0, 7, 14, 21, and 29 days post-inoculation.2009-12-312011-11-27E-GEOD-147909823