GEOapplication/xml sapiensExpression profiling by array expression data of colorectal cancer patient-derived cells treated with tankyrase inhibitorsTankyrase, a poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase family member, regulates multiple cellular processes. Tankyrase inhibitors efficiently suppress colorectal cancer (CRC) cell proliferation. To examine the mechanism of anti-proliferative effect of tankyrase inhibitors (G007LK and RK582), we analyzed gene expression profiles of patient-derived CRC cells (JC11 and JC494) left untreated or treated with 0.3 ┬ÁM G007LK or RK582 for 24 h by cDNA microarray analysis.2024/01/17GSE217758GSM6725829GSM6725834GSM6725831GSM6725830GSM6725833GSM6725832570217758Homo sapiens[37968472]