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Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis Bla-1/Hh-0 hybrids, Mir-0/Se-0 hybrids and their corresponding parents

ABSTRACT: Bla-1, Hh-0 and their F1 hybrid, and Mir-0, Se-0 and their F1 hybrid were grown for 3 weeks at 16 degreC long days. Whole rosettes were harvested and pooled 8-10 per sample.


INSTRUMENT(S): 418 [Affymetrix]

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Kirsten Bomblies  

PROVIDER: E-ATMX-27 | ArrayExpress | 2007-07-11


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Autoimmune response as a mechanism for a Dobzhansky-Muller-type incompatibility syndrome in plants.

Bomblies Kirsten K   Lempe Janne J   Epple Petra P   Warthmann Norman N   Lanz Christa C   Dangl Jeffery L JL   Weigel Detlef D  

PLoS biology 20070901 9

Epistatic interactions between genes are a major factor in evolution. Hybrid necrosis is an example of a deleterious phenotype caused by epistatic interactions that is observed in many intra- and interspecific plant hybrids. A large number of hybrid necrosis cases share phenotypic similarities, suggesting a common underlying mechanism across a wide range of plant species. Here, we report that approximately 2% of intraspecific crosses in Arabidopsis thaliana yield F1 progeny that express necrosis  ...[more]

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