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L. lactis ΔlmrCD and cholate-adapted L. lactis ΔlmrCDR

ABSTRACT: Transcriptome profiling of a L. lactis strain lacking the MDR transporter genes lmrCD and the same strain adapted to cholate was performed. As compared to the parental strain, the cholate-adapted strain showed 124 genes that were significantly differentially expressed more than 1.8-fold . These genes could be grouped into four major functional classes: i.e., genes involved in (i) cell envelope biogenesis; (ii) stress response and molecular chaperones; (iii) general metabolism and house-keeping function; and (iv) the chromosomally embedded sex-factor. Keywords: Mutant versus wild type comparison, stress response, cholate 1. WT1 L. lactis ΔlmrCD (labeled with Cy3) 2. WT2 L. lactis ΔlmrCD (labeled with Cy5) 3. WT4 L. lactis ΔlmrCD (labeled with Cy3) 4. WT5 L. lactis ΔlmrCD (labeled with Cy5) 5. M1 L. lactis ΔlmrCD(R) (labeled with Cy5) 6. M2 L. lactis ΔlmrCD(R)(labeled with Cy3) 7. M4 L. lactis ΔlmrCD(R) (labeled with Cy5) 8. M5 L. lactis ΔlmrCD(R) (labeled with Cy3) Hybridization schema: 1+5 (Slide 176631) 3+7 (Slide 176632) 2+8 (Slide 176633) 4+6 (Slide 176634)

ORGANISM(S): Lactococcus lactis  

SUBMITTER: Anne de Jong  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-10203 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-20



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The ABC-type multidrug resistance transporter LmrCD is responsible for an extrusion-based mechanism of bile acid resistance in Lactococcus lactis.

Zaidi Arsalan Haseeb AH   Bakkes Patrick J PJ   Lubelski Jacek J   Agustiandari Herfita H   Kuipers Oscar P OP   Driessen Arnold J M AJ  

Journal of bacteriology 20080912 22

Upon prolonged exposure to cholate and other toxic compounds, Lactococcus lactis develops a multidrug resistance phenotype that has been attributed to an elevated expression of the heterodimeric ABC-type multidrug transporter LmrCD. To investigate the molecular basis of bile acid resistance in L. lactis and to evaluate the contribution of efflux-based mechanisms in this process, the drug-sensitive L. lactis NZ9000 DeltalmrCD strain was challenged with cholate. A resistant strain was obtained tha  ...[more]

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