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'Bois noir' phytoplasma induces significant reprogramming of the leaf transcriptome in the field grown grapevine

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of Vitis vinifera cv. Chardonnay healthy vs. Phytoplasma-infected plants (Bois noir phytoplasma). Study was conducted on grapevine plants grown in the same vineyard (leaf midribs were sampled). Keywords: disease state analysis Two-condition experiment: healthy vs. infected plants/shoots. Biological replicates: 4 healthy, 4 infected. No replicates. Each sample was prepared as a pool of several samples (each sample was collected from a different shoots/plants) of the same disease status. Each sample was co-hybridized to a common reference cRNA (pool of all samples).

ORGANISM(S): Vitis vinifera  

SUBMITTER: Paolo Ermacora   Petra Nikolič  Ruggero Osler  Luigi Carraro  Maja Ravnikar  Ana Rotter  Nancy Terrier  Kristina Gruden  Serge Delrot  Marina Dermastia  Tomaž Curk  Matjaz Hren  Piero A Bianco 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-10906 | ArrayExpress | 2010-05-25



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'Bois noir' phytoplasma induces significant reprogramming of the leaf transcriptome in the field grown grapevine.

Hren Matjaz M   Nikolić Petra P   Rotter Ana A   Blejec Andrej A   Terrier Nancy N   Ravnikar Maja M   Dermastia Marina M   Gruden Kristina K  

BMC genomics 20091002

BACKGROUND: Phytoplasmas are bacteria without cell walls from the class Mollicutes. They are obligate intracellular plant pathogens which cause diseases in hundreds of economically important plants including the grapevine (Vitis vinifera). Knowledge of their biology and the mechanisms of their interactions with hosts is largely unknown because they are uncultivable and experimentally inaccessible in their hosts. We detail here the global transcriptional profiling in grapevine responses to phytop  ...[more]

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