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Transcription profiling by array of barley leaves of 7-day old seedlings from Steptoe and Morex cultivars

ABSTRACT: This study was to collect expression level polymorphism (ELP) data for the barley genotypes Steptoe and Morex, parents of a widely used North American mapping population. Primarily, the data collected will show the amount of variation between these genotypes in seedling leaves grown in a greenhouse at the same time, with replications on three separate dates. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------; Roger P. Wise(Head of Lab) and Stacy Barkeloo are the original contributors of this experimental data. PLEXdb( has submitted this series at GEO on behalf of them . The equivalent experiment is 'BB16' at PLEXdb. Experiment Overall Design: genotype: Steptoe(3-replications); genotype: Morex(3-replications)

INSTRUMENT(S): 418 [Affymetrix]

SUBMITTER: PLEXdb Curator Sudhansu Dash  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-11182 | ArrayExpress | 2008-06-18



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