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Monkeypox and Vaccinia infection of cultured human cells

ABSTRACT: We analyzed effects of monkeypox (MPX) and vaccinia (VAC) infection on cultured human cells. Our custom-designed arrays contain >18,000 human genes as well as genes for each open reading frame of MPX and VAC. A reference experiement design type is where all samples are compared to a common reference. Compound Based Treatment: Chemical used for treating infected cells Infection: Virus used for infection Cell Line: Cell line used for infection Time: Time cells were harvested after infection Keywords: reference_design Experiments used primary human monocytes with mock infection, VAC-Western Reserve, VAC-NYBOH, MPX-Zaire, gamma irradiated (killed) MPX-Zaire, and Ebola-Zaire (EBOV) (deposited March 2004). The next set of experiments used primary human monocytes (Mf7.29) and primary human fibroblasts (S100) with mock infection, VAC-Western Reserve, MPX-Zaire, and gamma irradiated MPX-Zaire (g-MPX) (deposited August 2004). The final set used primary human monocytes (Mph), primary human fibroblasts (NHDF), and HeLa cells with mock infection, VAC-Western Reserve, MPX-Zaire, and gamma irradiated MPX-Zaire (g-MPX). Some cells were treated with ionomycin + PMA (I+P), cycloheximide (CHX) or hydroxyurea (HU). (deposited November 2005). Total RNA from cells was harvested at each timepoint, preserved in Trizol, Trizol-extracted total RNA, 1 round amplified (Ambion MessageAmp I), directly labeled by Cy5 incorporation during reverse transcription of amplified RNA. Each sample was hybridized versus a common reference (Stratagene Universal Human Reference RNA plus a mix of poxvirus transcripts from all timepoints). The reference was1 round of amplification (Ambion MessageAmp I), directly labeled by Cy3 incorporation during reverse transcription of amplified reference RNA. Cy3 and Cy5 samples were hybridized to a custom human-poxvirus array. Fluorescent images of hybridized microarrays were acquired using the GenePix 4000B and GenePix 4200AL microarray scanners.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Kate Rubins  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-11234 | ArrayExpress | 2008-07-17



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Comparative analysis of viral gene expression programs during poxvirus infection: a transcriptional map of the vaccinia and monkeypox genomes.

Rubins Kathleen H KH   Hensley Lisa E LE   Bell George W GW   Wang Chunlin C   Lefkowitz Elliot J EJ   Brown Patrick O PO   Relman David A DA  

PloS one 20080709 7

Poxviruses engage in a complex and intricate dialogue with host cells as part of their strategy for replication. However, relatively little molecular detail is available with which to understand the mechanisms behind this dialogue.We designed a specialized microarray that contains probes specific to all predicted ORFs in the Monkeypox Zaire (MPXV) and Vaccinia Western Reserve (VACV) genomes, as well as >18,000 human genes, and used this tool to characterize MPXV and VACV gene expression response  ...[more]

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