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Sex of Blood

ABSTRACT: Blood samples were taken at 1:00 pm +/- 1 h (Potassium-EDTA-monovettes, Sarstedt, Numbrecht, Germany) to control for circadian influences on gene expression. Blood was taken from normal male controls, normal female controls as well as different patients with disorders of sex development leading to a dissection of sex chromosomes and external genital phenotype. All samples were analyzed by a blood cell counter (Beckmann-Coulter, Krefeld, Germany) and white blood cell counts did not differ between the normal males and the normal females (by t-test). PBMCs were isolated from whole blood using PBS (pH 7.2) and Ficoll (Biochrom, Berlin, Germany) gradient centrifugation. A reference experiement design type is where all samples are compared to a common reference. Disease State: diagnosis Genotype: sex genotype Age: age at blood sample collection (yrs;mo) Phenotype: external genitalia (Prader classification) Keywords: reference_design Computed

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Paul-Martin Holterhus  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-11235 | ArrayExpress | 2009-07-13



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Disorders of sex development expose transcriptional autonomy of genetic sex and androgen-programmed hormonal sex in human blood leukocytes.

Holterhus Paul-Martin PM   Bebermeier Jan-Hendrik JH   Werner Ralf R   Demeter Janos J   Richter-Unruh Annette A   Cario Gunnar G   Appari Mahesh M   Siebert Reiner R   Riepe Felix F   Brooks James D JD   Hiort Olaf O  

BMC genomics 20090701

Gender appears to be determined by independent programs controlled by the sex-chromosomes and by androgen-dependent programming during embryonic development. To enable experimental dissection of these components in the human, we performed genome-wide profiling of the transcriptomes of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in patients with rare defined "disorders of sex development" (DSD, e.g., 46, XY-females due to defective androgen biosynthesis) compared to normal 46, XY-males and 46, XX-f  ...[more]

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