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Mutant analysis of C. elegans small RNAs with 5p monophosphates

ABSTRACT: These datasets profile the expression of small RNAs with 5p monophosphates and 3p hydroxyls (including miRNAs, 21U-RNAs) in young adult worms from the wt, prg-1 mutant, and fog-2 mutant backgrounds. These datasets were prepared in the Craig C. Mello laboratory using T4 RNA ligase 1. Keywords: miRNA and 21U-RNA discovery and mutant expression profiling CE-mutProfile-5pDependent-Illumina 1 flowcell each for the wt, prg-1 mutant, and fog-2 mutant

ORGANISM(S): Caenorhabditis elegans  

SUBMITTER: James C Carrington   Shenghua Duan  Julie M Claycomb  Daniel A Chaves  Jessica J Vasale  David P Bartel  Gary P Schroth  Noah Fahlgren  James Graham Ruby  Craig C Mello  Pedro J Batista  Shujun Luo  Kristin D Kasschau  Darryl Conte  Rosaria Chiang  J G Ruby  Weifung Gu 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-11735 | ArrayExpress | 2008-06-15



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In metazoans, Piwi-related Argonaute proteins have been linked to germline maintenance, and to a class of germline-enriched small RNAs termed piRNAs. Here we show that an abundant class of 21 nucleotide small RNAs (21U-RNAs) are expressed in the C. elegans germline, interact with the C. elegans Piwi family member PRG-1, and depend on PRG-1 activity for their accumulation. The PRG-1 protein is expressed throughout development and localizes to nuage-like structures called P granules. Although 21U-  ...[more]

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