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Genetic Structure of Duplicated Sequences Revealed by Genotyping Single Sperm

ABSTRACT: Three different experimental approaches were evaluated for discrimination of genomic variance in and between duplicated sequences using 48 markers in duplicon regions and 17 SNPs in unique sequences previously characterized in another study. We found only the method high-throughput single sperm typing could conclusively resolve the alleles of all markers. Resulting data from single sperm analysis were also used to examine the genetic structure of duplicon markers in the human population. Single sperm typing can be a rapid, efficient and accurate method for initial screening and assessment of genetic variation and for detailed genetic analysis of duplicon markers. Keywords: Genotyping Sixty-five markers including 17 MSVs, 12 PSVs, 19 SIDs and 17 SNPs in unique sequences described in Fredman et al. were selected for study. The samples include 40 genomic DNA samples from four ethnic groups, semen samples from 11 donors, and 10 to 20 sperm from each donor except one, AB012, for whom 65 sperm were analyzed. Both genomic and sperm DNA samples were subject to multiplex amplification followed by microarray analysis. Genotypes were determined by using the Accutyping software. Semen samples were genotyped on both strands. Allele status in these samples were compared and analyzed. The single sperm typing method allowed us to identify markers residing in non-unique sequence, to analyze the detailed genetic structure of the duplicons and to learn whether different alleles are present for the duplicon sequences in the human population.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Richeng Gao  David Fredman   Honghua Li   Danielle M Greenawalt   Irina V Tereshchenko   Anthony J Brookes   Yue Shentu   Minjie Luo   Li Shen   Hui Y Wang   Marco A Azaro   Guohong Hu   Xiangfeng Cui    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-11957 | ArrayExpress | 2008-07-25



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