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Caulobacter vibrioides CB15N mRNA expression in M2-Glucose Vs. M2-Inositol

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this experiment was to examine the differential transcriptional profiles of Caulobacter CB15N grown in M2-Glucose versus M2-Inositol. mRNA expression was compared between Caulobacter CB15N cells grown in M2-Glucose vs. M2-Inositol. Four arrays were run, two of each dye combination.

ORGANISM(S): Caulobacter vibrioides  

SUBMITTER: Cara C Boutte   Jason A Flannick  Patrick H Viollier  Balaji S Srinivasan  Antal F Novak  Andrew T Martens  Serafim Batzoglou  Sean Crosson 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-12414 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-30



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Genetic and computational identification of a conserved bacterial metabolic module.

Boutte Cara C CC   Srinivasan Balaji S BS   Flannick Jason A JA   Novak Antal F AF   Martens Andrew T AT   Batzoglou Serafim S   Viollier Patrick H PH   Crosson Sean S  

PLoS genetics 20081219 12

We have experimentally and computationally defined a set of genes that form a conserved metabolic module in the alpha-proteobacterium Caulobacter crescentus and used this module to illustrate a schema for the propagation of pathway-level annotation across bacterial genera. Applying comprehensive forward and reverse genetic methods and genome-wide transcriptional analysis, we (1) confirmed the presence of genes involved in catabolism of the abundant environmental sugar myo-inositol, (2) defined a  ...[more]

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