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MiRNA expression profile in subcutaneous adipose tissue from morbid obese patients

ABSTRACT: To evaluate wether miRNA expression patterns contributes to obesity total RNA were purified from subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT)and used in miRNA microarrays. Platform contain LNA-modified probes for all human miRNAs present in release 8.2 of the miRBase microRNA Registry. Two RNA pools from 3 non obese men (CM) and from 5 non obese women (CW) were used as controls. Expression profiling revealed that a large set of miRNAs is expressed in SAT. Forty two miRNAs changed by at least 1.5 folds in 17/20 obese subjects versus non obese control pool. Particularly, 21/42 were up-regulated and 21/42 were down-regulated. Among the differentially expressed miRNA, miR-519d, miR-498 and miR-150 were up-regulated, miR-659 and miR-371-3p_MM2 were down-regulated consistently in 20/20 obese subjects. To search for miRNAs eventually associated with obesity we used a microarray to evaluate the expression of 1458 different miRNAs in 10 obese women (OBW) and 10 obese men (OBM). Two RNA pools from 3 non obese men (CM) and from 5 non obese women (CW) were used as controls.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Tonia Buonomo   Rosario Liguori  Carmela Nardelli  Marianna Pinto  Lucio Pastore  Stefania Masone  Pasqualina Buono  Ilenia Castano'  Lucia Sacchetti  Giovanni Persico  Pietro Forestieri  Vincenzo Pilone  Rosanna Martinelli 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-12726 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-25



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