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Gene expression profiles in drug-induced hypersensitivity reactions with cutaneous involvement

ABSTRACT: Hypersensitivity reactions to medications constitute a growing problem in the clinical practice. In order to study the molecular basis underlying the pathogenesis of non-immediate hypersensitivity reactions to drugs, we characterized the gene expression profiles of PBMCs isolated from patients during the acute phase and upon resolution of the clinical symptoms using a cDNA array technology. Eighty five genes were found to be differentially expressed during the acute phase of drug-induced delayed hypersensitivity reactions. Furthermore, ninety two genes with distinct expression patterns during the acute phase of severe and benign diseases were identified. Keywords: Comparison between disease and healty status Expression profiles of 11835 genes were analyzed in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from 13 patients with different clinical entities . Two samples were analyze from each patient. The first blood sample was drawn during the acute phase of the disease. The second blood sample was obtained upon resolutin of the clinical symptoms. The ratio between gene expression levels in both samples was calculated for each patient.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Teresa Bellón   Luis Álvarez  Miguel Blanca 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-12829 | ArrayExpress | 2009-10-01



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Differential gene expression in drug hypersensitivity reactions: induction of alarmins in severe bullous diseases.

Bellón T T   Alvarez L L   Mayorga C C   Morel E E   Torres M J MJ   Martín-Díaz M A MA   Díaz R R   Radial A A   Carballo M M   Blanca M M  

The British journal of dermatology 20100225 5

BACKGROUND: Delayed hypersensitivity reactions to drugs can be life-threatening and constitute a growing problem in clinical practice. Although drug-specific T cells seem to be involved, the cellular and molecular bases of their aetiopathology are not fully understood. OBJECTIVES: To study the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis and the clinical heterogeneity of cutaneous delayed hypersensitivity reactions to drugs. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We characterized the gene expression profile  ...[more]

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