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Expression profile of potato plants after inoculation with endophytes

ABSTRACT: Two potato cultivars, Russet Burbank and Bionta, were inoculated with three different endophytes containing different AHL types. The impact of the endophytes to the different cultivars was measured by gene expression analysis with a customized microarray B. phytofirmans type strain PsJN was originally isolated as a contaminant from surface-sterilized, Glomus vesculiferum-infected onion roots (Nowak et al., 1998), whereas strain P6 RG6-12 was isolated from the rhizosphere of a grassland in the Netherlands (Salles et al., 2006). This strain was selected based on its similarity to strain PsJN based on 16S rRNA gene homology, and similar phenotypic features. Both strains were generally cultivated on King's medium (King et al., 1954). For the mutant AHL to the strain B. phytofirmans PsJN a quorum quenching approach as described by Wopperer et al., 2006 was employed. Plasmid pMLBAD-aiiA, which contains aiiA, the Bacillus sp. 240B1 lactonase gene, was transferred to B. phytofirmans PsJN by triparental mating as described by de Lorenzo and Timmis (1994). 2 cultivars, 3 endophytes

ORGANISM(S): Solanum tuberosum  

SUBMITTER: A Sessitsch   F Trognitz  S Schoethaler  B Trognitz  K Scherwinski  Friederike Trognitz 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-12862 | ArrayExpress | 2010-05-19



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