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Expression profiles of (40,XX) and (39,XO) females

ABSTRACT: Gobal expression analysis in four somatic tissues (brain, liver, kidney and muscle) of adult 40,XX and 39,XO mice with the aim of identifying which genes are expressed from both X chromosomes as well as those genes deregulated in X chromosome monosomy. Keywords: Expression profiling by array For each tissue, the RNA samples of seven 40,XX, eight 39,XpO and eight 39,XmO mice were pooled by genotype into 9 groups, representing 3 biological replicates per genotype, as follows: 39,XpO-1 and 39,XpO-2 (3 pooled individuals each), 39,XpO-3 (2 pooled individuals); 39,XmO-1 and 39,XmO-2 (3 pooled individuals each), 39,XmO-3 (2 pooled individuals); 40,XX-1 and 40,XX-2 (3 pooled individuals each) 40,XX-3 (2 pooled individuals)

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Alexandra M. Lopes   Nabeel A Affara  Carole Sargent  Alexandra M Lopes  Andrew Ojarikre  Paul S Burgoyne  Julien Bauer 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-13520 | ArrayExpress | 2010-04-07



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Transcriptional changes in response to X chromosome dosage in the mouse: implications for X inactivation and the molecular basis of Turner Syndrome.

Lopes Alexandra M AM   Burgoyne Paul S PS   Ojarikre Andrew A   Bauer Julien J   Sargent Carole A CA   Amorim António A   Affara Nabeel A NA  

BMC Genomics 20100201

X monosomic mice (39,XO) have a remarkably mild phenotype when compared to women with Turner syndrome (45,XO). The generally accepted hypothesis to explain this discrepancy is that the number of genes on the mouse X chromosome which escape X inactivation, and thus are expressed at higher levels in females, is very small. However this hypothesis has never been tested and only a small number of genes have been assayed for their X-inactivation status in the mouse. We performed a global expression a  ...[more]

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