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Histone H3 Lysine 4 mono-, di- and trimethyl and CTCF in CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ regulatory and conventional CD4+CD25- T-cells

ABSTRACT: Analysis of Histone H3 Lysine 4 mono-, di- and trimethyl and the boundary protein CTCF in CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ regulatory T-cells and conventional CD4+CD25- T-cells. To investigate regulatory functions or potential new transcription start sites in Treg and Tconv cells, we investigated the associated histone modifications. Mono- and dimethylation of histone 3 lysin 4 (H3K4) were previously shown to mark enhancer regions, whereas H3K4 trimethylation generally associates with transcription start sites. At imprinted loci, binding of the insulator protein CTCF, which restricts or directs enhancer-promoter interactions, is often regulated by DNA-methylation. Therefore we performed ChIP-on-chip experiments (chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by microarray hybridization; samples were amplified with ligation mediated PCR [see label protocol for the procedure] prior to labeling) for mono- di- and trimethylation of histone 3 lysin 4 and of CTCF in expanded Treg and Tconv cells. Keywords: ChIP-on-chip ChIP-on-chip experiments for H3K4 mono-, di- and trimethyl and CTCF in CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ regulatory T-cells and conventional CD4+CD25- T-cells were co-hybridizied with the input. Three biologiacal replicates (rep1-3) were performed for every histone mark, two CTCF (rep1 and rep2).


ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Michael Rehli   Christian Schmidl 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-14234 | ArrayExpress | 2010-05-19



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Lineage-specific DNA methylation in T cells correlates with histone methylation and enhancer activity.

Schmidl Christian C   Klug Maja M   Boeld Tina J TJ   Andreesen Reinhard R   Hoffmann Petra P   Edinger Matthias M   Rehli Michael M  

Genome research 20090603 7

DNA methylation participates in establishing and maintaining chromatin structures and regulates gene transcription during mammalian development and cellular differentiation. With few exceptions, research thus far has focused on gene promoters, and little is known about the extent, functional relevance, and regulation of cell type-specific DNA methylation at promoter-distal sites. Here, we present a comprehensive analysis of differential DNA methylation in human conventional CD4(+) T cells (Tconv  ...[more]

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