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Profiling of spatio-temporally regulated transcripts during cerebral corticogenesis in the mouse

ABSTRACT: The cerebral cortex plays an important role in cognitive function and specialized perception in mammals and its development requires highly specific spatio-temporal control of gene expression. The study identified stage- and region-specific markers throughout cerebral corticogenesis at various important stages of cerebral cortex development; embryonic day (E) 15.5, E17.5, postnatal day (P) 1.5 and 4-6 months old. The study involved the analysis of 12 SAGE libraries, which were generated from the mouse cerebral cortex of E15.5 (n=3), E17.5 (n=2), P1.5 (n=1) and 4-6 month old (n=6). N denotes biological replicates.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Seong S Tan   Christopher N Hahn  Pike S Cheah  King Hwa Ling  Gordon K Smyth  Tim Beissbarth  Ping Z Cannon  Hamish S Scott  Paul Q Thomas  Chelsee A Hewitt  Tim Thomas  King H Ling  Lavinia Hyde  Kakoli Banerjee 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-15031 | ArrayExpress | 2009-09-25



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Molecular networks involved in mouse cerebral corticogenesis and spatio-temporal regulation of Sox4 and Sox11 novel antisense transcripts revealed by transcriptome profiling.

Ling King-Hwa KH   Hewitt Chelsee A CA   Beissbarth Tim T   Hyde Lavinia L   Banerjee Kakoli K   Cheah Pike-See PS   Cannon Ping Z PZ   Hahn Christopher N CN   Thomas Paul Q PQ   Smyth Gordon K GK   Tan Seong-Seng SS   Thomas Tim T   Scott Hamish S HS  

Genome biology 20091002 10

BACKGROUND: Development of the cerebral cortex requires highly specific spatio-temporal regulation of gene expression. It is proposed that transcriptome profiling of the cerebral cortex at various developmental time points or regions will reveal candidate genes and associated molecular pathways involved in cerebral corticogenesis. RESULTS: Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) libraries were constructed from C57BL/6 mouse cerebral cortices of age embryonic day (E) 15.5, E17.5, postnatal day  ...[more]

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