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Fetal malformations and early embryonic gene expression response in Cynomolgus monkeys maternally exposed to thalidomide

ABSTRACT: EXPERIMENT: The animal experiments were performed at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), Ltd. (Kagoshima, Japan) in compliance with the Guideline for Animal Experimentation (1987), and in accordance with the Law Concerning the Protection and Control of Animals (1973) and the Standards Relating to the Care and Management of Experimental Animals (1980). This study was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of SNBL and performed in accordance with the ethics criteria contained in the bylaws of the SNBL committee. Each female monkey was paired with a male of proven fertility for one day between day 11 and day 15 of the menstrual cycle. Pregnant females, aged 5-8 years and weighing 2.84-3.76 kg on day 22 of gestation, were allocated randomly to two groups, each with three monkeys, and housed individually. The monkeys were orally dosed with (±)-thalidomide (Lot no. SDH7273/SDJ3347, Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd., Osaka, Japan) at 0 or 20 mg/kg by oral intubation on day 26 of gestation, which was during the critical period for thalidomide-induced teratogenesis [Delahunt and Lassen, 1964; Hendrickx, 1973]. Dosage was adjusted to the body weight on day 22 of gestation and the drug was packed in a gelatin capsule. Control monkeys received the capsule only. ANIMAL MODEL: Macaca fascicularis INTERVAL: NON. PLATFORM: Proprietary Affymetrix NHP GeneChip® Array for Cynomolgus genome derived from Biogen Idec Keywords = Developmental Keywords = Monkeys Keywords = Thalidomide TFetal malformations and early embryonic gene expression response in cynomolgus monkeys maternally exposed to thalidomidechannel oligonucleotide (Affymetrix) platform.

ORGANISM(S): Macaca fascicularis  

SUBMITTER: Thomas B Knudsen   Satoru Oneda  Hirohito Kato  Ryota Ise  Makoto Ema  Mutsuko Hirata-Koizumi  Toshio Ihara  Akihiko Hirose  Amar V Singh 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-15542 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-20



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