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Comparison of gene expression in male and female blastocysts

ABSTRACT: It is basically understood that male and female development is initiated by gonad differentiation into either testis or ovary. However, male embryos are reported to develop faster than female during preimplantation, implying sex differences at this stage. To learn more about when sex differentiation begins, we compared the global gene expression pattern of male and female embryos at the blastocyst stage. First, Blastocyst samples were sexed, using a novel method for non-invasive sexing of preimplantation stage mouse embryos by tagging the X chromosome with an EGFP transgene, Next, gene expression patterns of the male and female were compared using DNA microarray. Samples were collected from three independent preparations and the experiments were triplicated. Scanned microarray results were processed with Feature Extraction software (ver. 7.5, Agilent).  The hybridization experiments were duplicated in a reciprocal labeling manner to reduce dye integration bias, and total of six hybridizations were carried out using each 22K-1 and 22K-2 array.  Combining plural array results and statistical analyses were carried out by Luminator software (Rosetta).


SUBMITTER: Kazuhiro Kaseda   Shin Kobayashi  Yoshitaka Fujihara  Masaru Okabe  Kuniya Abe  Fumitoshi Ishino  Nathan Mise 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-15611 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-05



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The X-linked imprinted gene family Fthl17 shows predominantly female expression following the two-cell stage in mouse embryos.

Kobayashi Shin S   Fujihara Yoshitaka Y   Mise Nathan N   Kaseda Kazuhiro K   Abe Kuniya K   Ishino Fumitoshi F   Okabe Masaru M  

Nucleic acids research 20100225 11

Differences between male and female mammals are initiated by embryonic differentiation of the gonad into either a testis or an ovary. However, this may not be the sole determinant. There are reports that embryonic sex differentiation might precede and be independent of gonadal differentiation, but there is little molecular biological evidence for this. To test for sex differences in early-stage embryos, we separated male and female blastocysts using newly developed non-invasive sexing methods fo  ...[more]

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