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Reproducibility of Quantitative RT-PCR Array in miRNA Expression Profiling and Comparison with Microarray Analysis

ABSTRACT: High reproducibility with TaqMan microRNA array (qPCR-array) was demonstrated by comparing replicate results from the same RNA sample. Pre-amplification of the miRNA cDNA improved sensitivity of the qPCR-array and increased the number of detectable miRNAs. Furthermore, the relative expression levels of miRNAs were maintained after pre-amplification. When the performance of qPCR-array and microarrays were compared using different aliquots of the same RNA, a low correlation between the two methods (r = -0.443) indicated considerable variability between the two assay platforms. Higher variation between replicates was observed in miRNAs with low expression in both assays. Finally, a higher false positive rate of differential miRNA expression was observed using the microarray compared to the qPCR-array. Replicate preparations (n =4) using different aliquots of a single C2C12 RNA sample (500 ng) were used to determine the reproducibility of the reverse transcription process as well as the results of the same reverse transcription products performed on different days. TaqMan microRNA Array A was used for this purpose. To assess the reliability of pre-amplification, miRNA expression profiles obtained with and without pre-amplification using MiRNA TaqMan Array B were performed. Independent miRNA expression profiling studies using uParaflo microfluidic biochips were performed by an independent company to determine the relationship between results obtained with qPCR-array and microarrays. Aliquots of the same C2C12 RNA were used in both the qPCR-array (500 ng) and microarrays (8 µg).

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Yongxin Chen   Jonathan A Gelfond   Jonathan Adam Gelfond 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-16000 | ArrayExpress | 2010-05-19



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