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Equine skeletal muscle: pre versus post-exercise

ABSTRACT: Unconditioned thoroughbred geldings were exercised to maximal heart rate or fatigue on an equine high-speed treadmill. Skeletal muscle biopsies were taken from the middle gluteal muscle before, immediately after and four hours after exercise.  Three-condition experiment, Pre exercise (T0), Immediately post exercise (T1), 4 hours post exercise (T2). Hybridisations: T0 vs T1, T0 vs T2 Biological replicates: 8 Technical replication Dye swap

ORGANISM(S): Equus caballus  

SUBMITTER: Beatrice A McGivney   Lisa M Katz  Suzanne S Eivers  James MacLeod  Beatrice Ann McGivney  Emmeline W Hill  David E MacHugh  Stephen D Park 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-16235 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-21



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Transcriptional adaptations following exercise in thoroughbred horse skeletal muscle highlights molecular mechanisms that lead to muscle hypertrophy.

McGivney Beatrice A BA   Eivers Suzanne S SS   MacHugh David E DE   MacLeod James N JN   O'Gorman Grace M GM   Park Stephen D E SD   Katz Lisa M LM   Hill Emmeline W EW  

BMC Genomics 20091230

BACKGROUND: Selection for exercise-adapted phenotypes in the Thoroughbred racehorse has provided a valuable model system to understand molecular responses to exercise in skeletal muscle. Exercise stimulates immediate early molecular responses as well as delayed responses during recovery, resulting in a return to homeostasis and enabling long term adaptation. Global mRNA expression during the immediate-response period has not previously been reported in skeletal muscle following exercise in any s  ...[more]

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