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Transcription profiling of human lung vitro carcinogenesis system

ABSTRACT: Genes differentially expressed among cells constituting an in vitro human lung carcinogenesis model consisting of normal, immortalized, transformed and tumorigenic bronchial epithelial cells were identified. The differentially expressed genes were then analyzed to determine their relevance to the gene expression patterns of clinical non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples as well as the clinical outcome of patients with this disease. Experiment Overall Design: Total RNA was extracted from two different replicate culture dishes for each cell line. Differentially expresed genes between the tumorigenic 1170-I lung epithelial cells and the NHBE normal cells that also displayed gradual modulation in expression across the entire in vitro model were determined. The differentially expressed genes were further analyzed by functional pathways analysis and integrated (as gene signatures) with gene expression data of human NSCLC clinical samples obtained from published datasets.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Humam Kadara 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-17073 | ArrayExpress | 2009-07-24



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