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Affy_popsec_nancy_pophydro_roots_poplar -Molecular bases of acclimation and adaptation to water deficit in poplar

ABSTRACT: affy_popsec_nancy_pophydro_roots_poplar - This project aims to identify genes of interest for control of root growth in response to water deficit in a tree species: poplar. We look for genes and gene expression networks related to drought stress. We intend to analyse the transcriptome in root apices of cuttings grown in hydroponics and osmotically stressed with PEG. Root apex is the location of root elongation and these analyses intend to identify genes involved in the control of cell expansion and thus of root elongation. Indeed, root growth maintenance in response to water shortage contributes to plant tolerance to water deficit.-Poplar cuttings (cv Soligo) were grown in hydroponics. A moderate water deficit was applied by adding PEG to the nutrient solution (200g/l). After 3 days, the apex (1 cm-long) of the roots of each cutting were collected. For control and stressed treatments, RNAs were extracted from two pools of 5 to 9 roots (issued from 2 to 5 cuttings). A pool is considered as one biological replicate and corresponds to one Affymetrix slide. Keywords: treated vs untreated comparison 4 arrays - poplar

ORGANISM(S): Populus x canadensis  

SUBMITTER: Marie-Béatrice- BOGEAT-TRIBOULOT   David Cohen  Marie-beatrice Bogeat-triboulot  Sandrine Balzergue  Marie-Laure L Martin-Magniette  sandrine balzergue 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-17225 | ArrayExpress | 2011-01-15



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