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MiRNA Expression in 4 prostate cell types from human tumor biopsies

ABSTRACT: Prostate primary epithelial and stromal cells were isolated from normal donorhuman prostate tissue and patient prostate tumors (>Gleason 8) using in vitroselective media conditions and differential substrate adhesion properties.Tumor cells specific to the prostate epithelial cell component attached tomatrigel while epithelial cells from donors preferentially attached to gelatinsubstrate. The prostate tumor cells did not proliferate over time in culturebut cells of normal epithelial phenotype in comparison to the donor tissueeventually emerged from this cell compartment. The epithelial componentof both donor and tumor specimens produced stem cell colonies thatexpressed OCT4 in growth factor reduced media but subsequently formedembryoid bodies in hanging drop cultures which differentiated into multiplegerm line lineages under the influence of growth factors. To determineif prostate tumor-derived stem cells were capable of forming tumors invivo, we compared the behavior of the donor and tumor stem cells aftertransplantation as tissue recombinants under the renal capsule of SCID micein the presence of rat urogenital mesenchyme (rUGM). Stem cells from bothdonor and tumor sources produced glandular structures that secreted prostatespecific antigen (PSA) while no glandular structures were formed from tissuerecombinants of normal epithelial or tumor epithelial cells plus rUGM or fromrUGM alone. Serial transplantation of the stem cell recombinants from tumorspecimens yielded subrenal structures reflecting an abundance of glands with morphological features typical of Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia(PIN). In order to determine whether intrinsic differences existed amongthe donor-derived and tumor-derived stem cells, array based microRNAexpression profiling was performed on all cell types obtained after in vitro isolation. Sample Labeling Key: PC-Prostate Cancer PD-Prostate Donor (Normal Tissue) DNE-Donor Normal Epithelial NS-Donor Normal Stem TNE-Tumor Normal Epithelial TE-Tumor Epithelial (TNE and TE samples with corresponding numbers are matched pairs) TS-Tumor Stem Cell S-Stromal PC 73 TNE was run in all 6 batches as a control for batch effect. The number in parentheses corresponds with the batch the sample was run in.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Patricia Petrosko   William A LaFramboise  Dean Bacich  Rajiv Dhir  John M Krill-Burger  Christin Sciulli  John Michael Krill-Burger 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-17321 | ArrayExpress | 2015-07-01



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