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An Estrogen Receptor α-bound Human Chromatin Interactome

ABSTRACT: We developed Chromatin Interaction Analysis by Paired-End Tag sequencing (ChIA-PET) for de novo detection of global chromatin interactions, and comprehensively mapped the chromatin interaction network bound by estrogen receptor α (ERα) in the human genome. We performed 454 and Illumina sequencing analyses. Keywords: Epigenetics Using 454, we examined 3 libraries: IHM001 (Estrogen Receptor ChIA-PET), IHM043 (Estrogen Receptor ChIP-PET) and IHM062 (IgG ChIA-PET) Using Illumina, we examined 4 libraries: IHM001 (Estrogen Receptor ChIA-PET replicate 1, Paired End Sequencing), IHH015 (Estrogen Receptor ChIA-PET replicate 2, Paired End Sequencing), H3K4me3 ChIP-Seq and RNA polymerase II ChIP-Seq

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Yijun Ruan   Melissa Fullwood 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-18046 | ArrayExpress | 2009-09-11



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An oestrogen-receptor-alpha-bound human chromatin interactome.

Fullwood Melissa J MJ   Liu Mei Hui MH   Pan You Fu YF   Liu Jun J   Xu Han H   Mohamed Yusoff Bin YB   Orlov Yuriy L YL   Velkov Stoyan S   Ho Andrea A   Mei Poh Huay PH   Chew Elaine G Y EG   Huang Phillips Yao Hui PY   Welboren Willem-Jan WJ   Han Yuyuan Y   Ooi Hong Sain HS   Ariyaratne Pramila N PN   Vega Vinsensius B VB   Luo Yanquan Y   Tan Peck Yean PY   Choy Pei Ye PY   Wansa K D Senali Abayratna KD   Zhao Bing B   Lim Kar Sian KS   Leow Shi Chi SC   Yow Jit Sin JS   Joseph Roy R   Li Haixia H   Desai Kartiki V KV   Thomsen Jane S JS   Lee Yew Kok YK   Karuturi R Krishna Murthy RK   Herve Thoreau T   Bourque Guillaume G   Stunnenberg Hendrik G HG   Ruan Xiaoan X   Cacheux-Rataboul Valere V   Sung Wing-Kin WK   Liu Edison T ET   Wei Chia-Lin CL   Cheung Edwin E   Ruan Yijun Y  

Nature 20091101 7269

Genomes are organized into high-level three-dimensional structures, and DNA elements separated by long genomic distances can in principle interact functionally. Many transcription factors bind to regulatory DNA elements distant from gene promoters. Although distal binding sites have been shown to regulate transcription by long-range chromatin interactions at a few loci, chromatin interactions and their impact on transcription regulation have not been investigated in a genome-wide manner. Here we  ...[more]

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