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Transcriptomic alterations in a myoblast cell line infected with four distinct strains of Trypanosoma cruzi

ABSTRACT: We examined the extent to which different Trypanosoma cruzi strains induce transcriptomic changes in cultured L6E9 myoblasts 72 hours or 48 hours after infection with four strains of the parasite [Brazil (TCI); Y, CL and Tulahuen (TC II) strains]. Expression of 6,289 distinct fully annotated unigenes was quantified with 27k rat oligonucleotide arrays in each of the four replicas of all control and infected RNA samples. Considering changes >1.5-fold and p-val<0.05, the Tulahuen strain was the most disruptive to host transcriptome, with (17% significantly altered genes), while in Y strain altered only 6% of the genes were altered. The significantly altered genes in the infected cells were largely different among the four strains, with only 21 genes changed in the same direction being similarly changed by all four strains. However, when expression ratios of all genes were compared, myoblasts infected with different strains showed proportional overall genbe expression alterations. These results indicate that infection with different parasite strains modulates similar but not identical pathways in the host cells. 20 µg total RNA extracted in Trizol from each of the 20 cell culture dishes containing control or infected with (Y, CL, Tulahuen or Brazil) Trypanosoma cruzi strains (4 dishes for each strain) was reverse transcribed in the presence of fluorescent Alexa Fluor®_647 or Alexa Fluor®_555-aha-dUTPs (Invitrogen, CA) to obtain labeled cDNAs. Red and green-labeled samples of biological replicas were then co-hybridized (“multiple yellow” strategy) overnight at 50°C with Operon v3.0 Rat 27k oligonucleotide arrays printed by Duke University (GPL9207). After washing (0.1% SDS and 1% SSC) to remove the non-hybridized cDNA, each array was scanned with GenePix 4000B scanner (MDS, Toronto, Canada) and images were primarily analyzed with GenePixPro 6.0 (Axon Instruments, CA).

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  

SUBMITTER: Maria N Meirelles   Luciana R Garzoni  Daniel Adesse  Dumitru Andrei Iacobas  Herbert B Tanowitz  Sanda Iacobas  Dumitru A Iacobas  David C Spray 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-18175 | ArrayExpress | 2009-09-22



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