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Transcription profiling by array of Arabidopsis mutant for arp6 after heat stress treatment

ABSTRACT: We isolated mutants in Arabidopsis with enhanced ambient temperature response. Microarray analysis was performed to understand the extent to which ambient temperature transcriptome is perturbed in the mutants in comparison with the WT at non inductive 12 ºC and after shift to inductive 27 ºC for 2 h and 24 h. We performed global transcript profiling to understand the regulation of of gene expression underlying ambient temperature response. Sterilized wild type Arabidopsis Col-0 as well as the arp6-10 mutant seeds were plated on half-strength MS plates without sugar. Plates were incubated at 4 ºC in dark for 48 hours before transfering to 20 ºC with light. 5 day old seedlings were transfered to 12 ºC incubaor with continuous light for 3 days befroe shifting to 27 ºC. Samples (Whole seedlings) were collected before shifting (0 h) and 2 h and 24 h after shifting to 27 ºC by immediately freezing in liquid nitrogen.

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

SUBMITTER: Philip A Wigge   Vinod Kumar  S V Kumar 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-18624 | ArrayExpress | 2010-01-08



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H2A.Z-containing nucleosomes mediate the thermosensory response in Arabidopsis.

Kumar S Vinod SV   Wigge Philip A PA  

Cell 20100101 1

Plants are highly sensitive to temperature and can perceive a difference of as little as 1 degrees C. How temperature is sensed and integrated in development is unknown. In a forward genetic screen in Arabidopsis, we have found that nucleosomes containing the alternative histone H2A.Z are essential to perceiving ambient temperature correctly. Genotypes deficient in incorporating H2A.Z into nucleosomes phenocopy warm grown plants, and show a striking constitutive warm temperature transcriptome. W  ...[more]

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