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Expression analysis of laser-dissected SNpc neurons in Parkinson's disease

ABSTRACT: Genome-wide transcriptome analysis of expression changes in laser-dissected SNpc neurons from Parkinson's disease brain tissue versus control brain tissue. Post-mortem brain expression analysis performed in 10 PD brain samples and 8 control brain samples.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Yanli Zhang-James   Richard L Davis  Frank A Middleton  Peter D Kim 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-20141 | ArrayExpress | 2010-02-22



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PGC-1α, a potential therapeutic target for early intervention in Parkinson's disease.

Zheng Bin B   Liao Zhixiang Z   Locascio Joseph J JJ   Lesniak Kristen A KA   Roderick Sarah S SS   Watt Marla L ML   Eklund Aron C AC   Zhang-James Yanli Y   Kim Peter D PD   Hauser Michael A MA   Grünblatt Edna E   Moran Linda B LB   Mandel Silvia A SA   Riederer Peter P   Miller Renee M RM   Federoff Howard J HJ   Wüllner Ullrich U   Papapetropoulos Spyridon S   Youdim Moussa B MB   Cantuti-Castelvetri Ippolita I   Young Anne B AB   Vance Jeffery M JM   Davis Richard L RL   Hedreen John C JC   Adler Charles H CH   Beach Thomas G TG   Graeber Manuel B MB   Middleton Frank A FA   Rochet Jean-Christophe JC   Scherzer Clemens R CR  

Science translational medicine 20101001 52

Parkinson's disease affects 5 million people worldwide, but the molecular mechanisms underlying its pathogenesis are still unclear. Here, we report a genome-wide meta-analysis of gene sets (groups of genes that encode the same biological pathway or process) in 410 samples from patients with symptomatic Parkinson's and subclinical disease and healthy controls. We analyzed 6.8 million raw data points from nine genome-wide expression studies, and 185 laser-captured human dopaminergic neuron and sub  ...[more]

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