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Hairpin RNA induces secondary small interfering RNA synthesis and silencing in trans in fission yeast

ABSTRACT: We provide evidence of the generation of Rdp1-mediated secondary siRNAs in vivo in fission yeast. Secondly, we show that the presence of Ago1-associated siRNAs does not guarantee robust silencing. We obtained sequences from gel purified small RNAs of wt and rdp1delta fission yeast cells and FLAG-ago1 associated small RNAs.

ORGANISM(S): Schizosaccharomyces pombe  

SUBMITTER: Takeshi Urano   Isabelle C Kos-Braun  Femke Simmer  Alastair R Kerr  Robin C Allshire  Alexander Kagansky  Alastair Robert Kerr  Alessia Buscaino  Abdelhalim Boukaba 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-20330 | ArrayExpress | 2010-02-15



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Hairpin RNA induces secondary small interfering RNA synthesis and silencing in trans in fission yeast.

Simmer Femke F   Buscaino Alessia A   Kos-Braun Isabelle C IC   Kagansky Alexander A   Boukaba Abdelhalim A   Urano Takeshi T   Kerr Alastair R W AR   Allshire Robin C RC  

EMBO reports 20100108 2

RNA interference (RNAi) is widespread in eukaryotes and regulates gene expression transcriptionally or post-transcriptionally. In fission yeast, RNAi is tightly coupled to template transcription and chromatin modifications that establish heterochromatin in cis. Exogenous double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) triggers seem to induce heterochromatin formation in trans only when certain silencing proteins are overexpressed. Here, we show that green fluorescent protein (GFP) hairpin dsRNA allows production of  ...[more]

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