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MicroRNA miR-16 is anti-proliferative in enterocytes and exhibits diurnal rhythmicity in intestinal crypts

ABSTRACT: This is the first report to document circadian rhythmicity of specific microRNAs in rat jejunum. Our data provide a link between the anti-proliferative microRNA miR-16 and the intestinal proliferation rhythm and point to miR-16 as an important regulator of proliferation in jejunal crypts. This function may be essential to match proliferation and absorptive capacity with nutrient availability. Time course data with 7 time points and 3 replicates per time point. Each 2-color array is hybridized against a reference from time point 0, and dye swaps are included.

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  

SUBMITTER: Jonathan M Dreyfuss  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-20603 | ArrayExpress | 2010-08-13



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MicroRNA mir-16 is anti-proliferative in enterocytes and exhibits diurnal rhythmicity in intestinal crypts.

Balakrishnan Anita A   Stearns Adam T AT   Park Peter J PJ   Dreyfuss Jonathan M JM   Ashley Stanley W SW   Rhoads David B DB   Tavakkolizadeh Ali A  

Experimental cell research 20100713 20

The intestine exhibits profound diurnal rhythms in function and morphology, in part due to changes in enterocyte proliferation. The regulatory mechanisms behind these rhythms remain largely unknown. We hypothesized that microRNAs are involved in mediating these rhythms, and studied the role of microRNAs specifically in modulating intestinal proliferation.Diurnal rhythmicity of microRNAs in rat jejunum was analyzed by microarrays and validated by qPCR. Temporal expression of diurnally rhythmic mi  ...[more]

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