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Expression data from CXCR4+/FLK1+ and CXCR4-/FLK1- cells isolated by flow cytometry from Day 5 embryoid bodies

ABSTRACT: A dual biomarker signature extracted a stage-specific cytotype according to cell surface expression of CXCR4/FLK-1 after 5 days of spontaneous differentiation from pluripotent stem cells. Genome-wide microarray analysis revealed a high degree of similarity between CXCR4+/FLK-1+ and CXCR4-/FLK-1- subpopulations at day 5, yet the divergent gene expression profile represents more than 700 unique transcripts. Functional analysis of the 294 up-regulated and 440 down-regulated transcripts that distinguished CXCR4+/Flk-1+ from CXCR4-/Flk-1- subpopulations identified an overt ontologic prioritization of “Cardiovascular Development”-IPA 7.0, 2009.Thus, a biomarker-selected subpopulation from spontaneously differentiated pluripotent stem cells identifies a pool of genes that non-stochastically integrate into a blueprint providing instructions for cardiac lineage-specification. Keywords: Comparison of day 5 embryonic stem cell progenity: CXCR4/FLK-1 biomarker positive versus biomarker negative cells Differentiating embryonic stem cells were FACS sorted at day 5 based on a dual CXCR4/FLK-1 biomarker signature and double positive and double negative progeny were thus collected. Day 5 sorted progeny were independently collected to provide raw material for three biological replicates for each experimental condition. In this manner, three CXCR4/FLK-1 double positive biological samples, and three CXCR4/FLK-1 double negative biological samples were obtained. Total RNA was extracted from each of the samples and RNA pools were profiled on Affymetrix Mouse 430 2.0 Arrays to identify global gene expression changes between double positive and double negative progeny at day 5 of differentiation.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Timothy J Nelson   Atta Behfar  Anca Chiriac  Randolph Faustino  Andre Terzic 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-20841 | ArrayExpress | 2011-03-11



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