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Expression data from the PVD and OLL neurons in C. elegans

ABSTRACT: Nociceptive neurons develop a complex dendritic arbor to sense noxious stimuli, which enables animals to react to environmental insults and perform self-protective behaviours. The genetic programs controlling neuronal dendritic morphogenesis are poorly understood. In C. elegans, the PVD sensory neuron generates a complex dendritic arbor that envelops the body of the animal. This nociceptive neuron enables study of dendrite formation in vivo. We used expression arrays to identify genes highly enriched in the PVD neuron while undergoing dendritic morphogenesis. These genes could function in pathways controlling dendrite formation. We employ the mRNA-tagging method to isolate poly(A) RNA from the PVD and OLL neurons by expressing a 3X FLAG-tagged poly(A) binding protein PAB-1 in PVD and OLL under control of the ser-2prom3B promoter. The enriched poly(A) RNA is amplified using the NuGEN WT-Pico amplification system and applied to Affymetrix C. elegans gene expression microarrays. A reference sample was obtained by isolating total RNA from whole animals at the L3/L4 stages and processed as above.

ORGANISM(S): Caenorhabditis elegans  

SUBMITTER: Joseph D Watson   William C Spencer  Tim O'Brien  Byeong Cha  William Clay Spencer  David M Miller III  Adi Albeg  Millet Treinin  Cody J Smith 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-21162 | ArrayExpress | 2010-07-08



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Time-lapse imaging and cell-specific expression profiling reveal dynamic branching and molecular determinants of a multi-dendritic nociceptor in C. elegans.

Smith Cody J CJ   Watson Joseph D JD   Spencer W Clay WC   O'Brien Tim T   Cha Byeong B   Albeg Adi A   Treinin Millet M   Miller David M DM  

Developmental biology 20100609 1

Nociceptive neurons innervate the skin with complex dendritic arbors that respond to pain-evoking stimuli such as harsh mechanical force or extreme temperatures. Here we describe the structure and development of a model nociceptor, the PVD neuron of C. elegans, and identify transcription factors that control morphogenesis of the PVD dendritic arbor. The two PVD neuron cell bodies occupy positions on either the right (PVDR) or left (PVDL) sides of the animal in posterior-lateral locations. Imagin  ...[more]

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