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Characterization of Directly Regulated Thyroid Hormone Mediated Gene Expression Following Short-Term Perturbations in Thyroid Hormone Levels in Juvenile Mice

ABSTRACT: We investigated the effects of thyroid hormone disruptions on gene expression in juvenile mice liver to develop a stronger understanding of the mechanisms by which thyroid disrupting chemicals impair development. Gene expression was examined by hybridization of hepatic RNA to Agilent mouse microarrays for hyper-, hypo-, hypo-replacement (hypo+) and euthyroid animals. Keywords: Toxicogenomics, biomarkers of thyroid disruptors Hypothyroidism was induced from post natal day (PND) 13 to 15 by adding model thyroid toxicants methimazole and sodium perchlorate to drinking water of pregnant females. Hyperthyroidism was induced by intraperitoneal injections (i.p.) of THs at PND 15, 4 hours before decapitation and tissue collection. For the hypothyroid/replacement group; dams were provided with drinking water for 3 days (PND 13 to 15), containing a mixture of methimazole/sodium perchlorate. Pups then received intraperitoneal injections of thyoid hormones on PND 15, 4 hours before decapitation and tissue collection.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Martin Paquette   Hongyan Dong  Mike Wade  Carole Yauk  Morie Malowany 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-21307 | ArrayExpress | 2012-03-29



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Thyroid hormone-regulated gene expression in juvenile mouse liver: identification of thyroid response elements using microarray profiling and in silico analyses.

Paquette Martin A MA   Dong Hongyan H   Gagné Rémi R   Williams Andrew A   Malowany Morie M   Wade Mike G MG   Yauk Carole L CL  

BMC genomics 20111229

Disruption of thyroid hormone signalling can alter growth, development and energy metabolism. Thyroid hormones exert their effects through interactions with thyroid receptors that directly bind thyroid response elements and can alter transcriptional activity of target genes. The effects of short-term thyroid hormone perturbation on hepatic mRNA transcription in juvenile mice were evaluated, with the goal of identifying genes containing active thyroid response elements. Thyroid hormone disruption  ...[more]

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