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Microarray Analysis on the Differences of Gene Expression in Longissimus Dorsi Muscle Tissue between 1-month and 24-month Chinese Red Steppes

ABSTRACT: In order to establish the correlation between biological processes and the mechanisms of gene expression controlling beef traits formation in bovine, microarray analysis was performed to capture the differences in gene expression related to beef traits profile in Longissimus Dorsi muscle tissue between 1-month and 24-month Chinese Red Steppes. 1282 (5.6%) probes showed significant differences at the two stages in the experiment, and 1008 differential gene annotations were obtained using Capitalbio molecule annotation system. BLAST analysis revealed that 1001(78.1%) probe genes shared significant similarity in amino acid sequence with other functional genes (As of June 2009). 126 genes showing strong correlation with beef traits were gained by the GO analysis. With the KEGG analysis, 63 pathways were found to be related to beef traits which involved 73 genes. 28 genes were found in a single pathway, while 35 genes were found in 2-16 pathways respectively. The panels of transcripts and gene pathways analysis in different growth stages may be helpful for the study on beef traits formation, and the gene expression profile construction in Longissimus Dorsi muscle tissues, would make a foundation for screening candidate genes which have genetic effect on meat quality in bovine. Keywords: Microarray analysis; Beef traits; Differences of gene expression; Longissimus Dorsi muscle tissue; Chinese Red Steppe A total of 18 bulls of the same breed (Chinese Red Steppe) were included in the study; 9 were 1month old while another 9 were 24 months old and were provided by Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences. They were maintained in standard conditions and fed with standard diet. The bulls were humanely killed at the slaughter house of the academy, and fresh longissimus dorsi muscle tissues were obtained during slaughter, immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80°C for microarray analysis.

ORGANISM(S): Bos taurus  

SUBMITTER: Zhihui Zhao   Yang Cao  qin li hong  Jiabao Zhang  Yumin Zhao  Lihong Qin  Guoliang Zhang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-21782 | ArrayExpress | 2013-06-01



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