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Expression data for naïve IL-2 and IL-12 primed Pmel-1 CD8+ T-cells

ABSTRACT: The expansion, trafficking and functional effectiveness of adoptively transferred CD8+ T-cells play a critical role in mediating effective anti-tumor immunity. However, the mechanisms which program the highly proliferative and functional state of CD8+ T-cells are not completely understood. We hypothesized that IL-12, a cytokine commonly induced by TLR activation, could enhance T-cell priming by altering responsiveness to antigen and cytokines. Priming of tumor specific CD8+ T-cells in the presence of IL-12 induced the acquisition of a 'polyfunctional' effector response and increased the generation of memory cells. Moreover, IL-12 priming also promoted high levels of the IL-2 receptor alpha-chain (CD25) and robust IL-2 mediated activation of STAT5. This sensitivity to IL-2 translated into enhanced in vivo proliferation of adoptively transferred CD8+ T-cells. Furthermore, real-time, in vivo imaging of T-cell trafficking confirmed the ability of IL-12 priming to drive in vivo proliferation. IL-12 priming enhanced the anti-tumor function of adoptively transferred cells by reducing established subcutaneous tumor burden, and significantly increasing survival in an established intracranial tumor model. Finally, IL-12 priming of human PBMCs generates tumor specific T-cells phenotypically and functionally similar to IL-12 primed Pmel-1 T-cells. These results highlight IL-12 as an important mediator of CD8+ T-cell effector function and anti-tumor immunity. We primed Pmel-1 TCR transgenic CD8+ T-cells with cognate antigen and either IL-2 or IL-12 and compared their gene expression profiles. This was used to identify pathways or genes necessary for anti-tumor activity in vivo. RNA was isolated from Pmel-1 T-cells primed with antigen and cytokine for 6 days and hybridized to Affymetrix arrays.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Robert Prins   Robert M Prins  Dominique Lisiero 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-22443 | ArrayExpress | 2010-10-19



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