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ChIP-Seq sequencing of H3K9me2 in third instar Drosophila larvae

ABSTRACT: This study describes the epigenetic profiling of the H3K9me2 in wt Drosophila larvae, as well as in Drosophila larvae for which the euchromatic catalytic enzyme depositing H3K9me2 (EHMT) is knocked out. ChIP-Seq profiling of H3K9me2 in wt and EHMT KO third instar Drosophila larvae

ORGANISM(S): Drosophila melanogaster  

SUBMITTER: Korinna Kochinke   Zoltan Asztalos  Hendrik G Stunnenberg  Krystyna Keleman  Jamie M Kramer  Daniela Kramer  Eiko K deJong  Huiqing Zhou  Merel A Oortveld  J T Westwood  Marla B Sokolowski  Hans van Bokhoven  Annette Schenck  Hendrik Marks 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-22447 | ArrayExpress | 2011-01-05



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The epigenetic modification of chromatin structure and its effect on complex neuronal processes like learning and memory is an emerging field in neuroscience. However, little is known about the "writers" of the neuronal epigenome and how they lay down the basis for proper cognition. Here, we have dissected the neuronal function of the Drosophila euchromatin histone methyltransferase (EHMT), a member of a conserved protein family that methylates histone 3 at lysine 9 (H3K9). EHMT is widely expres  ...[more]

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