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Assessing the importance of target type for oligonucleotide microarray experiments

ABSTRACT: In order to assess the effect on signal variability of the type of target used for oligonucleotide microarray experiments, we hybridized double and single stranded DNA of three genes on a Nimblegen High Density microarray. This slide carries specific probes (two lengths: 30 and 50 nucleotides, for a total of 7456 probes) targeting every region of selected genes. Probes of 30 nucleotides and 50 nucleotides, covering the full length of three genes (ahdA1C, mmoC and vcrA) by a one nucleotide step, were designed and in situ synthesized in six replicates on a 4*72K Nimblegen Custom Microarray. Double and single stranded DNA of the three genes were hybridized as target.

SUBMITTER: Mathieu Roudel  Peyret Pierre   Pierre Peyret   Olivier Goncalves   Eric Peyretaillade   Eric Dugat-Bony    

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-23168 | ArrayExpress | 2011-06-10



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