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Gene expression data from mouse liver

ABSTRACT: We used microarray analysis to examine which genes are differentially expressed in mice that received a combination of fish oil and indomethacin. We fed low density lipoprotein receptor knock-out (LDLR-/-) mice with 6% of olive oil (control) or fish oil diets in the presence or absence of indomethacin for 12 weeks. We collected total RNA from liver samples and pooled 6 RNA samples in each group for Affymetrix microarrays.

ORGANISM(S): Musculus  

SUBMITTER: Saraswathi Viswanathan   Viswanathan Saraswathi 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-23742 | ArrayExpress | 2012-11-06



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Fish oil and indomethacin in combination potently reduce dyslipidemia and hepatic steatosis in LDLR(-/-) mice.

Murali Ganesan G   Milne Ginger L GL   Webb Corey D CD   Stewart Ann B AB   McMillan Ryan P RP   Lyle Brandon C BC   Hulver Matthew W MW   Saraswathi Viswanathan V  

Journal of lipid research 20120729 10

Fish oil (FO) is a potent anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering agent. Because inflammation can modulate lipid metabolism and vice versa, we hypothesized that combining FO with cyclooxygenase inhibitors (COXIBs), well-known anti-inflammatory drugs, can enhance the anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering effect of FO. LDLR(-/-) mice were fed a high-fat diet supplemented with 6% olive oil or FO for 12 wk in the presence or absence of indomethacin (Indo, 6 mg/l drinking water). FO reduced plasma total  ...[more]

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