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Salivary cytokine alterations in HIV infection part 2

ABSTRACT: A 507 protein microarray was employed to provide a broad view of cytokines and chemokines in saliva and plasma in acutely HIV infected subjects as compared to uninfected subjects. A 40 cytokine custom array derived from the initial results was refined to highlight those molecules with significant change relative to control subjects indicating the potential for biological impact. Systemic and local (oral mucosal) immune responses in acutely infected HIV individuals before the initiation of HAART have not been well characterized. Protein microarrays were used to analyze saliva and plasma from HIV infected and HIV uninfected subjects to identify new biomarkers for HIV disease progression and pathogenesis.

ORGANISM(S): Homo Sapiens

SUBMITTER: Cheryl A Barber   Minal Dalvi  Daniel Malamud  William R Abrams  Minal S Dalvi  Robert Norman 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-24064 | ArrayExpress | 2011-09-08


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