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Human postmortem hippocampus: Major depressive disorder (MDD) vs. Control

ABSTRACT: We examined the genetic profile of postmortem brain (hippocampal) samples; 15 brains from patients diagnosed with MDD were matched to brains from healthy subjects based on gender, race and age. Gene expression profiles in the dentate gyrus and CA1 subregions of the hippocampus were assessed by cDNA hybridization to 48K human HEEBO whole genome microarrays (Microarray, Inc). Two-group comparison: MDD (13 male, 8 female) vs. Control (11 male, 7 female). Dentate Gyrus (DG): 15 pairs of samples (1 array per pair); CA1: 15 pairs of samples (1 array per pair). Biological replicates. We can not provide a list of normalized values for each individual hybridization (per chip), but rather have a list of average expression values for all hybridizations used in the experiment (n=15). See supplementary files below. CODES: AAm, African American; C, Caucasian; CO, carbon monoxide; CVD, cardiovascular disease; ETOH, ethanol; F, female; Hx, history of alcohol abuse but not currently active; M, male; MDD, Major Depressive disorder, ND, no psychotropic medication detected; NOS, not otherwise specified, OD, drug overdose; PE, prior episode of major depression with psychotic features; PMI, postmortem interval (hours); SIGSW, self-inflicted gunshot wound; [1], Psychotrophic prescriptions within last month; [2], MDD in remission; [3], prescriptions for six days prior to death; *, samples present only in array sets for the dentate gyrus; **, samples present only in array sets for CA1.

SUBMITTER: Arthur A Simen   Mounira Banasr  Samuel S Newton  Heath D Schmidt  Vanja Duric  Pawel Licznerski  Ronald S Duman  Craig A Stockmeier 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-24095 | ArrayExpress | 2010-10-17



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