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Deep-sequencing of total RNA from manually dissected wild-type and kyp-2m/KYPp Arabidopsis embryos

ABSTRACT: This dataset provide deep-profiling of the embryonic transcriptome of total RNA at an early developmental stage (2-to-4 cells stage) and at the globular stage in Arabidopsis. Embryos were derived from either a cross between a Landsberg erecta (Ler) maternal parent and a Columbia (Col0) paternal parent or a cross between a kyp-2 Ler maternal parent and a Columbia paternal parent. Embryos were manually dissected ensuring no contamination with maternal seed coat or endosperm. 6 samples: crosses between Ler and Col, or kyp-2 (Ler) and Col; Ler seed coat at 2-4cells embryo stage # SC_2.

SUBMITTER: Ueli Grossniklaus   Michael Wittig  Célia Baroux  Philipp Rosenstiel  Michael Raissig  Marc William Schmid 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-24198 | ArrayExpress | 2011-06-01



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Defining the contributions and interactions of paternal and maternal genomes during embryo development is critical to understand the fundamental processes involved in hybrid vigor, hybrid sterility, and reproductive isolation. To determine the parental contributions and their regulation during Arabidopsis embryogenesis, we combined deep-sequencing-based RNA profiling and genetic analyses. At the 2-4 cell stage there is a strong, genome-wide dominance of maternal transcripts, although transcripts  ...[more]

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