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Deep-transcriptome and ribonome sequencing redefines the molecular networks of pluripotency and the extracellular space in human Embryonic Stem cells

ABSTRACT: Cytoplasmic polyadenylated RNA from human embryonic stem cells (HES2) was separated on a 1.2% agarose and gel slices were excised corresponding to the following sizes: 0 to 0.5 kb; 0.5-2 kb; 2-3.5 kb; 3.5-6.5 kb and 6.5-20+ kb. Slices were dissolved and extracted RNA (1% of each fraction) was run on the Agilent Bioanalyser (Agilent) to confirm the correct size distribution and yield. Library molecules were clonally amplified onto one micron magnetic beads according to the SOLiD Template Bead Preparation protocol and sequenced using a SOLiD Analyzer according to manufacturer's instructions. Human ES cells size fractionated mRNA

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Gabriel V Kolle   Sean Grimmond 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-24355 | ArrayExpress | 2010-10-20



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The complexity of the eukaryotic transcriptome is generated by the interplay of transcription initiation, termination, alternative splicing, and other forms of post-transcriptional modification. It was recently shown that RNA transcripts may also undergo cleavage and secondary 5' capping. Here, we show that post-transcriptional cleavage of RNA contributes to the diversification of the transcriptome by generating a range of small RNAs and long coding and noncoding RNAs. Using genome-wide histone  ...[more]

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