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Copy number variation in inbred and wild mice

ABSTRACT: Copy number variants were determined in 3-5 males from 13 inbred laboratory mouse strains and 21 Mus musculus individuals caught in various geographic locations, using Nimblegen 385k arrays. CopyMap was used to predict CNVs. 3-5 males from 13 inbred strains and 21 Mus musculus caught in various geographic locations were compared to a single C57BL/6J individual by array comparative genome hybridisation.

SUBMITTER: Charlotte N Henrichsen   Charlotte N. Henrichsen  Alexandre Reymond  Nicolas Vinckenbosch  Evelyne Chaignat 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-24424 | ArrayExpress | 2010-12-31



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Copy number variation (CNV) is a key source of genetic diversity, but a comprehensive understanding of its phenotypic effect is only beginning to emerge. We have generated a CNV map in wild mice and classical inbred strains. Genome-wide expression data from six major organs show not only that expression of genes within CNVs tend to correlate with copy number changes, but also that CNVs influence the expression of genes in their vicinity, an effect that extends up to half a megabase. Genes within  ...[more]

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